DSO activity

Conducting activity in the field of providing distribution services we would like to anniunce that PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A. is responsible for conducting traffic in the distribution network, operation, maintenance and repairs of the distribution network as well as its extension, within the scope of the concession for distribution of electricity held by PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A. for the period until 31 December 2030. The concession was granted by the Decision of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office No. PEE/237/3158/N/2/2001/MS of 25 July 2001 and extended by Decision of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office No. DEE/237-ZTO/3158/W/2/2010/BT of 12 May 2010.

The rates for the distribution services provided are included in the Tariff for Electricity. Additional information regarding fees for distribution services may be obtained from the territorially competent Distribution Regions.

Information regarding emergency and scheduled outages and power quality standards is available from the Distribution Districts.

By virtue of the Energy Regulatory Office President's Decision No. DPE-4711-5(4)/3158/2011/BT of 28 June 2011, PGE Energetyka Kolejowa was designated as the power distribution system operator in the area specified in the licence for distribution of electricity, excluding distribution networks located in this area, the operation of which is the responsibility of another power distribution system operator or another combined power system operator designated pursuant to Article 9h of the Energy Law.

Pursuant to Art. 9c.3 of the Energy Law, the distribution system operator, applying objective and transparent rules ensuring equal treatment of system users and taking into account the requirements of environmental protection, is responsible for, among other things:

  • conducting network traffic in the distribution network,
  • operating, maintaining and repairing the distribution network in a manner that guarantees the reliability of the distribution system
  • ensuring the development of the distribution network within its area of operation,
  • balancing the system and managing the flows of electricity in the distribution network,
  • purchasing electricity to cover the losses incurred in the distribution network during the distribution of electricity,
  • providing the network users and operators of other power systems with which the system is interconnected with information on the terms and conditions for the provision of electricity distribution services and network management, necessary to gain access to and use of the distribution network
  • construction and operation of technical and IT infrastructure for acquisition, transmission and management of metering data
  • acquisition, storing, processing and providing access to measurement data
  • developing, updating and making their standard consumption profiles available to the customers,
  • planning the development of the distribution network, including projects related to energy efficiency
  • electricity demand management or development of generation capacities connected to the distribution network,
  • developing a normal distribution network operation system in consultation with the neighbouring electricity distribution system operators.

Information exchange standards

Standards for the exchange of information between PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A.
and Market Participants


Instruction of the Transmission System Operation and Maintenance

Reliability indicators in 2022


Indicator of the duration of the average system and very long break.


Indicator of the duration of the average system and very long unscheduled break.


Index of average frequency of short breaks.

Decision of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office


June 28th 2011


Propellants structure

Information for customers on the structure of fuels used to generate electricity sold by PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A.

Development plan

Appendix to the development plan

Energy storage facilities

Power Limitation Plan

Renovation schedule


Report abnormality




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