Internship Programme #MOCny START

Want to see what it's like to work in a large organisation?

Not afraid of challenges and new experiences?

Want to enter the job market with valuable experience?

Get started with PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A.

Start with #MOCny START!

We are building a #MOCny team where diversity is conjugated by all cases and equality is the common denominator. We address the programme to students of the 3rd, 4th and 5th year especially in the fields of electrical engineering, electrical engineering, traction networks, power engineering, finance, economics, computer science, and project management.

By participating in the #POWERful START Programme, you will receive:

  • A 2-month paid internship.
  • A dedicated Supervisor for the entire duration of the internship.
  • An independent project to complete during the internship.
  • An opportunity to analyse your behavioural style using the DISC method and learn about your individual talents.
  • An offer to participate in a leadership meeting with a representative of the Group Management.
  • An opportunity for development through participation in internal training.
  • A welcome package on the day of the on-boarding meeting.
  • An opportunity to obtain a reference upon completion of the internship.
  • A chance of a proposal for further cooperation.
  • .... and, above all, a friendly atmosphere and interesting tasks!

Recruitment for the MOCny START 2023 Internship Program has begun.

We encourage you to participate in the MOCny Start Internship Program. We are waiting for applications until May 20th.

Apply now

Student Internships

We invite you to complete mandatory student internships at PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A. We invite students of electrical engineering, power engineering and railways. We also accept female students of such majors as finance, information technology and logistics.

  • The internship is free of charge and organised on the basis of a referral from the university.
  • During the internship, the student/student performs tasks related to the field of study under the supervision of a dedicated supervisor.
  • We give you a chance to gain valuable knowledge and first professional experience in a friendly atmosphere.
  • We provide all the necessary tools.
  • In the case of internships carried out "in the field", we refer to occupational medicine examinations and provide work clothes.
  • Internships are carried out in many locations throughout Poland (including Warsaw, Sopot, Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow, and Upper Silesia).
  • The completion date and duration of the internship can be adjusted to the preferences of the student.

Interested? Send your application at least 6 weeks before you plan to start your internship. We guarantee that you will receive a response from us. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: Applications are accepted only through the application form.


  • We cooperate with high schools training in the fields of electrical technician and railroad transport electrical technician.
  • We enable students to carry out apprenticeships.
  • We support the creation of classes under the patronage of PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A.

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