Innovation Strategy 2018

To be a true leader in your field, it is not enough to follow what the industry offers. As one of the largest energy companies in Poland and a dedicated provider of energy for railways, we do not want to just meet our customers' expectations - by focusing on modern tools and the highest quality of service, we develop our own innovative projects.

Our activities are already among the world's best practices, but it doesn't stop there. The "Innovation Strategy 2018" that we have adopted is a document that organises our aspirations and gives direction to our next projects.

Focus on key areas

In pursuing our short- and long-term goals, we focus on designing solutions that mainly address employee safety, infrastructure reliability, innovation in infrastructure construction and maintenance, digitalisation, electromobility, and respect for the environment.

We talk to the experts

We cooperate with entities operating in the railway ecosystem (acting, for example, in the Railway Innovation Forum), we consult our projects with the world of science (the Innovation Committee established at the company), and we draw on the experience of our employees thanks to the internal platform for submitting ideas.

We implement innovative projects

The Research and Development Office is responsible for collecting ideas and verifying them. After a positive evaluation, we commit the necessary resources and begin designing the solution and then detailed testing. We share the conclusions with the entire organisation and prepare the implementation of the innovation.

We promote best practices

At PGE Energetyka Kolejowa we design innovations, but we do not forget about the exchange of experience. As a responsible partner, we share knowledge and good practices with our stakeholders, both inside and outside the company, so that the entire industry can benefit from our achievements.

Innovation Committee

The Innovation Committee is a group of expert advisors, which operates at PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A. It is composed of energy and railway experts from the most important scientific centres in Poland. During the Committee's meetings, the scientists evaluate innovative projects and programmes planned by us. We also discuss the future of the power industry and railways, both in Poland and globally. Competence and expert knowledge provided during the meetings bring invaluable added value to the projects.


Witold Abramowicz

University of Economics in Poznań,
Computer Science for Economics


Grzegorz Benysek

University of Zielona Góra


Janusz Dyduch

Warsaw University of Technology,
Electrical Engineering


Zbigniew Hanzelka

University of Science and Technology
in Cracow


Marek Pawełczyk

Silesian University of Technology


Krzysztof Perlicki

Warsaw University of Technology,
Telecommunication Systems


Adam Szeląg

Warsaw University of Technology


Artur Rojek

Railway Institute

Initiative and Idea Management

Each employee of PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A. is  unique, which may also be valuable from the perspective of the company's continuous striving for perfection. That is why we shape our organisation in such a way that all employees, regardless of their positions, feel that they can submit their ideas for improvements in the company. This helps us not only to avoid mistakes, but also to continuously develop and design innovations.

The Initiative and Idea Management Programme (ZIP for short) is a tool that strongly supports us in this process. It is an open-access digital platform that allows all employees to submit project initiatives and innovation ideas. The programme makes the proposal available on the platform and allows for free commentary. The ideas are also evaluated by subject matter experts. If a decision is made to test and then implement the submitted initiative or idea, the employee who submitted it receives an award.

Thanks to such initiatives, we build a culture of engagement and openness and gain valuable information about the experience of people working every day at different levels of the organisation.


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