Code of conduct

Code of conduct are a set of rules of conduct applicable to Employees of PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A. companies. It is a "navigation" to help you quickly see what behavior we expect in our organization. It was created based on the four key values of our company: quality, safety, commitment and efficiency.

Code of ethics is the most important.

The provisions of the Code promote good, safe and efficient work and are in line with global best practices, including the United Nations Global Compact. Due to the nature of PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A., special emphasis is placed on the issue of quality and safety in the workplace.

We are aware that codes or ethical standards cannot replace personal judgment of what is right and wrong behavior in a given situation. Therefore, we have implemented systemic measures in the organization to translate our values into everyday work and decisions made by our employees especially those performing tasks on the energy and rail infrastructure. We are constantly working to improve our safety culture, while emphasizing that what matters to us is the other person, their physical and mental safety and comfort at work.

No set of Rules, even the best-described ones, will be effectively implemented if we lack the courage to say STOP at the right moment and stop work that puts us in danger. We constantly remind employees that they have the right and duty to stop work when conditions are not safe. They will never, under any circumstances, face any negative consequence for doing so. 

The Standards of Ethics are also an expression of our belief that commercial goals can only be realized if we act with integrity and responsibility toward employees, customers, the environment and the external environment.

The following are the applicable Codes and Policies of PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A.

Code of Ethics

Diversity Policy

Anti-Corruption Policy

Anti-Harassment Policy

Supplier code of conduct

Do you see an abnormality?

Report a violation or abuse of ethics.

If you have observed: fraud, corruption, security violations, harassment, discrimination, or any other transgression of the ethical principles we commit to in the Code of Ethics and our Policies, please report it to us. 

PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A. guarantees protection of whistleblowers, i.e. people who, in good faith, report cases and suspicions of ethical violations, including employees, co-workers and business partners of PGE Energetyka Kolejowa S.A..
Thank you very much for your help in maintaining and further developing high ethical standards in our company and building a friendly workplace:

You can report an abnormality in several ways:


to the Ethics Officer, direct supervisor or higher level supervisor (applies to PKP Energetyka Group Employees)


Call the anonymous hotline, tel. 22 290 69 11 (open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm) 

In writing

send a letter to: PKP Energetyka Group Ethics Officer 63/67 ul. Hoża, 00-681 Warsaw, Poland.

Ethics Hotline

an externally operated electronic system for receiving reports of abuse occurring in the organization


send message to:

Thank you very much for your help with maintenance,

further developing high ethical standards in our company

and building a friendly workplace.


Report abnormality




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